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Serendipity and a Music Video in the Works…

January 31st, 2015 

She dances her way across the room (stage) to the vanity

Photo of Tessa Kingsley kidnapped from a photograph by Andrew Sherman

January 1, 2015

Today we release a single off of the upcoming ‘Cornish Folk Songs’ for free or donation. Stolen from the Historia Collection, which will also be made available over the coming week. Download and listen and let us know what you think! Happy New Year!

A New Year…

But music is all about that imperfection. The very act of making music is to create something in the moment that will live and die there having tied us together. It’s harmony and even perfect harmony isn’t perfect–it is perfectly flawed. Having had the experience of recording a string trio here at our home was somewhat transcendent. I realized as I sat in my living room listening to the live sounds of violins and cello infiltrate my entire house and body–that it is in their imperfection that perfection lies. It is the same with the human voice. Our kids are growing up listening to ironed out voices stripped of their humanity coming from airbrushed bodies on the covers of magazines.  (read on..)